Vietato l’ingresso alla casa dei Goonies

I Goonies

Avete presente la casa dei Goonies? Forse non sapevate che non si tratta di un set ma esiste davvero, ed è ancora in piedi dopo 30 anni.

La casa ora appartiene a Sandi Preston, una dolce signora che probabilmente non aveva tenuto conto dell’enorme importanza e impatto che il film ha avuto sulla vita di tutti i nerd degli anni 80.

La casa di Mickey, infatti, è meta di pellegrinaggio di oltre 1500 persone che la visitano ogni giorno. La proprietaria si è evidentemente stufata di vedere fan dei Goonies esibirsi in improbabili Truffle Shuffle davanti a casa sua, tanto da averne vietato l’accesso a partire dalla sua strada privata; piazzandoci un cartello dove intima a tutti i nerd di non proseguire oltre.


Ora la palla è passata a Sean Astin che, dopo aver aiutato Frodo a buttare l’anello dentro a monte fato, pensava di tornarsene a casa e svaccarsi sul “suo” divano.

Quello che ha trovato non gli è piaciuto. Ecco quello che ha postato l’attore sul suo profilo.


This is my home, sort of. I’m standing on the porch of a modest yet majestic hillside sanctuary in Astoria, Oregon where we filmed, “The Goonies.”

This place has become a destination point, a site for pilgrimage by cinema fans the world over.

The movie is about children who love their homes so much that they fight to protect them. I love this place so much that I was willing to lead my friends through a perilous, almost deadly journey to find enough treasure to save it. For me and for many, this place is a touchstone of our childhood.

On behalf of all Goonies I tell you that today, our home is under siege again. This time it’s not real estate developers but fans of the film, most gracious, some obnoxious who are threatening the peace of this sanctuary.

To all who would journey to see her, “The Goonies House” needs rescuing. She needs room to breathe from adoring fans and tactless and insensitive trespassers.

There are many places from which to view the iconic landmark. The Goonies museum and Astoria Tourism office can direct you to them.

It is a charming home filled with love and good memories. It’s ugly and unfair to take advantage of the good will of the private owners.

In New Zealand, the late great legendary climber of Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary lived in a modest home. His phone number was listed in the book. He was on the New Zealand 5 dollar bill, yet he could live in the open and at peace, surrounded by a community that revered him, in peace, because he was treated respectfully.

The current owner of the Goonies House is entitled to respect and common courtesy. So, it’s my childhood home, sort of, and I’m telling everyone to BACK OFF!!!

To Warner Brothers, Steven and Dick, I know how much the Goonies means to you, for different reasons, so if there’s anything you can do to help establish an appropriate tourist outpost in concert with the city, I know our millions of fans would be grateful!!!

Sean Astin
“Mikey” – The Goonies

Che dire.. Ridateci la casa dei Goonies!