Ecco che aspetto hanno le creature di Bird Box!

Insieme a Bandersnatch, Bird Box è probabilmente il prodotto Netflix più in vista del momento (non a caso è stato il film più visto di sempre sulla piattaforma nella prima settimana dal debutto).

In molti hanno apprezzato la pellicola con protagonista Sandra Bullock (la cui presenza è già una garanzia), ma non tutti sono stati felici della scelta di non mostrare le temute creature del film.

Che aspetto hanno le creature di Bird Box? Lo rivelano due immagini pubblicate dal make-up designer del film Netflix

Oggi, però, grazie al make up designer della pellicola, Andy Bergholtz, possiamo scoprire finalmente che aspetto hanno le creature di Bird Box, grazie ad un paio di scatti del make up dei mostri (tagliati poi nel montaggio finale).

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*Some spoilers ahead for BIRD BOX, continue reading at your own risk!* We had the unique pleasure of designing a creepy makeup for the film, although the scene ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor. Keep in mind, the fatal “vision” that each character saw would most likely be different for each person (you’ll understand if you’ve seen the film), and this makeup appeared in a cut “dream/nightmare sequence” with Sandra Bullock’s character. Considering her pregnant state and emotional arc thru the movie, the producers felt Sandra’s nightmare would have something to do with a twisted, demonic baby creature attacking her (that’s as much as I could gather about the context of the scene anyway). I sculpted at least 3 or 4 variations on the design before it was approved, which began as a more aggressive, monstery look and was revised to be a bit more subtle in the end. I also had the pleasure of painting the finished prosthetics before sending them to set, to be worn and performed by the one and only Dirk Rogers @thehalloweendirk, applied by the great @proutyfx. It’s funny, I read an interview recently where Bullock described the creature as a “snake-like, green man with a horrific baby face”. Many folks have speculated what the creature may have looked like, but they fail to realize the “snake-like green man” portion was simply Dirk in a spandex green-screen suit 😄. Everything from the neck down was intended to be a giant CGI creature/body added later. In the end, I actually really liked the movie and think it was better off NOT showing the makeup. Kudos to the director for sticking to her guns on that one. Still a fun project to be a part of, thanks Howie! @hoops511 #netflix #birdbox

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